Since 2006, the Measurement Laboratory MUTECH owns the accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation No. AP-106.

The scope of accreditation Laboratory offers services of objects calibration in the following fields:

  • mass concentration (exhaust analysis) (3.04);
  • length (6.01);
  • angle (6.02);
  • electric stimulators of physical quantities(7.11);
  • force and torque (12.02);
  • relative humidity (14.02);
  • pressure (17.01);
  • temperature (electrical thermometry) (19.01);
  • temperature (non-electrical thermometry) (19.02);
  • temperature (radiation thermometry) (19.03);
  • volume (20.01).

Knowledge and experience of our Personnel, as well as the CMC measurement uncertainty achieved with our high-class modules, guarantee a high quality service

In order to find more information regarding measurement ranges and the CMC measurement uncertainties, visit www.pca.gov.pl